Perfect Face: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Facial Prototype TPHF 9.2

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Beauty Prototype Model: 9.2

Face Shape: Round 7.2 

Eyes: 9.75

Eyebrows: 7.2

Eye Shape: Protruding 8.5 Vivid Eye Color 9.93

Rare Eye Color 8.1 Clarity of Eyes: 8.1

Nose: Aquiline  (Eagle Like) 7.2 Lip Shape: Wide Natural 8.6

Cheekbones: Wide lower angles 5.98 Chin: 6.33

Forehead: 8.1 

Symmetry: 7.93

Skin Color: 6.5

Clarity of Skin: 9.4

Vivid Skin Color: 8.2

Focal Point: Eyes (91%)

Negative Facial Traits: Nose and Cheeks

The uniqueness of Facial Beauty: 7.35 Overall Facial Attractiveness: 9.2

Beauty Ratio: 80% out of 100

Facial Breakdown:

Eyes (93%)

Nose (52%)

Lips (64%)

Beauty Assessment: 

This face is above average in attractiveness with a marginal rating of  9.2 This face is not physical perfection but it is quite attractive but for some people to say that she is the most beautiful woman in the world is a pure fallacy.

Facial analysis was done through our facial prototype matrix mapping technology* Administrated by S. W. (Geneticist)