Perfect Face: Trina Moitra

Facial Prototype TPHF 8.96/9.68

Facial Analysis

Photo Credits: Arijit Photography and Ranjan Bhattacharyya Photography

One of the most beautiful faces in the world.

More about Trina —–

Beauty Prototype Model: 8.96  

Brow Area : 9.5 — Eyebrow Shape: 9.1 — Eye position: 92.6 — Eye Shape: 9.3 — Face Shape: 8.03 — Nose Width: 8.1 — Nose Shape: 7.9 — Cheekbones: 8.12 —Forehead: 7.3 — Lip Shape: 8.5 — Chin: 7.39

Facial Symmetry: 7.92 — Harmony of Facial Features: 9.6 — Clarity/Vividness of Skin: 8.3 — Best Facial Features: Eyes and Lips — Beauty Prototype: Exotic — Facial Beauty Ranking (Observation): 9.68 — Facial Beauty Ranking (Science): 8.96

Beauty Assessment: 

This face is genetically very attractive. Her deep soulful eyes tend to keep you guessing what she is thinking. Her facial features work together to create such stunning classic Indian beauty. Her eye shape also tends to give height to her round face. Focal Point: Eyes, Nose, and Lips (100%)  

*Facial analysis was done through our facial prototype matrix mapping technology* Administrated by Sanjay (Geneticist)

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