The Top 3 Most Beautiful Supermodels.

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1. Adut Akech

Facial Ranking: 10.0 — Eyes: 10 Nose:10 Lips:10

2.152.031 Votes

There are supermodels. Then there are drop-dead gorgeous supermodels. And then there is the leader of the pack – the most beautiful model of all time -Adut! This beauty is noteworthy her babydoll good looks (mirrored dark eyes, small button nose, exquisite bone structure and full pouty lips.) Adut’s flawless skin looks as if it was dipped in smooth dark chocolate this coupled with perfect facial features has landed her at the top of the list. 

2. Adriana Lima

Facial Ranking: 10.0Eyes: 10 Nose: 9.92 Lips: 9.69

2.104,336 Votes

There is no denying Adriana’s beautiful face and astonishing form. If she was in a crowd she would definitely stand out her facial features just defy all logic of beauty. The exotic overtones of her facial features (hypnotic cat-like eyes, well-sculpted nose, and full lips) have landed her at the # 2 spot.

3. Anok Yai

Facial Ranking: 9.98 — Eyes: 9.92 Nose: 9.10 Lips: 10.0

1,888,421 Votes

Beauty is often defined by child-like facial features and that special something in ever-present in Aoki’s face and flawless dark skin. Just look at her delicate and fine features which consists of exotic eyes, small nose, and fully lips. She is not one that the modeling industry should sleep on in terms of beauty.