Perfect Face: Halle Berry

Facial Prototype TPHF 10.0

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One of the most beautiful faces in the world.


Beauty Prototype Model: 10.5

Face Shape: Heart 10.0 

Eyes: 9.8

Eyebrows: 10.0

Eye Shape: Almond 10.5

Vivid Eye Color 10.0

Rare Eye Color 9.28

Clarity of Eyes: 10.0

Nose: Downturned Eioncave 9.56

Lip Shape: Pointy Natural 9.75

Cheekbones: High 9.89

Chin: 9.84

Forehead: 10.0 

Symmetry: 9. 77

Skin Color: 10.0

Clarity of Skin: 10.0

Vivid Skin Color: 10.0 

Focal Point: Eyes, Nose, and Lips (100%)

Negative Facial Traits: None.

The uniqueness of Facial Beauty: 10.0

Overall Facial Attractiveness: 10.0

Beauty Ratio: 100% out of 100%

Facial Breakdown:

Eyes (100%)

Nose (100%)

Lips (100%)

Beauty Assessment: 

This face is genetic perfection. Halle Berry has it all the complete package in terms of beauty. 

*Facial analysis was done through our facial prototype matrix mapping technology* Administrated by S. W. (Geneticist & Plastic Surgeon)