The Eyes

Each pair of eyes has its unique distinctive pattern, unlike any other pair. Similar to the uniqueness of every fingerprint designed by the true architect – the creator of the universe.

The window of the soul. The eyes are the most durable emotion conveyor of the entire face they project deep emotion, whether sadness or empathy, sincere interest, sensuality, innocence, or project a particular flirtatious nature. The pigmentation of the iris varies from light brown to black, depending on the concentration of melanin in the iris pigment epithelium. Dark eyes are dominant while light eyes have a recessive gene.

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The 10 captivating “Eye Shapes”


This shape is the most ideal shape of all. Perfect dimension from side to side. It recedes and gives the perfect balance of beauty.


This eye shape tends to give an illusion of floating from the face.

Deep Set

This eye shape recedes back into the face making the other facial features more prominent.


This eye shape is simply known as the “umbrella eyes” its creping effect tends to droop and cover the eyelashes.


This eye shape lacks a double cease most common in Asian nations.

Close Set

This eye shape is just a quarter of eye apart in length.

Wide Set

This eye shape is wide-set the eyes are closer to the edge of the face. It could be considered quite symmetrical.

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Big round eyes on the female face are considered universally attractive.


This eye shape can appear to pull the face down which in return can make the face appear tired as you get older.


The “smiling” eyes which tend to keep you looking fresh as you age. This eye shape tends to give height and youthfulness to the face.

Best Eye Colors:

Mirrored Dark Eyes are the most beautiful.

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