Harmony of Facial Features

Harmony is the basis in which your facial features give a staggering equation of overall facial attractiveness. This perception of beauty is analyzed by sight and has little to do with perfect symmetry. The bridge of your nose, the shape of your eyes, the fullness of your lips can equate and come to distinction that your face is indeed attractive. The combination of these features can dictate if your face is indeed attractive. These factors influence the beholder of the natural attractiveness from facial features such as the Nose (Length and wideness), Eye (shape and size), and Lips (Size and shape.) This genetic trait is not based on symmetry for asymmetrical faces have been proven to be attractive. Harmony of Facial Features (Prototype G) is the pinnacle of facial attractiveness.

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Facial features are in porportion to the size of distinction.

Focal points of facial attractiveness are the eyes, nose, and the lips.

Eyes are in good position to the nose at (1.3) followed by full lips nested above chin (2.8) and under nose which is not tool long (2.56) or big in size.

Pleasing and delicate features no harshness or protruding features.

Singular feature (the eyes) are not overpowering the other facial features.

Prototype G Faces

Photo Credit: Tibo Norman Photography