This is what a perfect "10" Faces looks like.

What are the Prerequisites of a “Perfect 10 Face?”

The Contrast and vividness of Skin Color. What combinations are more intensified from dark skin to light skin?  Most faces with bright eyes, darker skin presents a vivid contrast – Faces with light skin and dark eyes give a striking contrast. Dark eyes with dark skin the difference is intensified by color, light skin with bright eyes is increased by receding light tones. The skin is the canvas on which your facial features translate its beauty. The congruence of facial features in the front of the head where the eyes, nose, lips, chin, cheeks, forehead all in alliance with each other giving a staggering computation of facial beauty in a combination of aesthetic perfection in harmony together. It is your facial features that make your face attractive, not your skin color. The Symmetry (1.618) in numbers, the Greeks believed that perfect symmetry was responsible for the attractiveness of a face, and that attractive faces were closer to the beauty ratio of 1.618 which equates to “universal attractiveness” which is determined through nations, cultures, and eras which is common denominators in both female and male attractiveness.

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