Genetics: Freckles

Genetic Trait: 7 P I Freckles. Skin Clusters.

Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanized cells that are most easily visible on people with light where is more prominent. Although dark skin has freckles it is less likely to be seen. Genetics is responsible for these tiny genetic wonders of melanin, while science also includes that they are due to a lot of sun exposure. Like them or not they are truly beautiful.

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Genetics: The Skin

Melanin (the carbon) in the skin is responsible for the health, youthfulness, clarity, beauty, luster, and vivid color. People of the African Diaspora have ageless vivid skin of all racial groups genetically. The clarity of skin and vivid skin color is responsible for overall health, texture and beauty. Blemish free skin is a pillar in overall beauty of the face.

Vivid Color and Clarity: 10.P

All photographs are the property of their respective owners.

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